At this time, production remains in full swing at QuietRide Solutions. Orders are leaving on schedule. The company administration follows the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the State of California public health agencies, and decisions are made accordingly on an ongoing basis.

The QRS staff are fully informed of the proper guidelines as we progress through the united steps of our nation to ease the virus from continuing its damage. Our products are inspected prior to shipment and our stamp of approval continues to assure the products arrive to you clean, properly packaged, and flawless in the same fashion since 1977.

Please be assured QuietRide Solutions will continue serving you to the best of our ability, and if changes occur, we will let you know in a timely manner.

Timothy C. Cox

Jump-start that Car or Truck project in the garage with one of QuietRide’s year-make-model specific automotive products that are pre-cut, and ready-to-install. A logo branded AcousltiHood Cover will protect your hood and complete the engine bay. A Firewall Insulator will block your engine’s heat from entering the passenger cabin. Our AcoustiShield Thermal Acoustic Insulation Kits will make the passenger cabin “Cool and Quiet Inside!” And finally, your car trunk compartment makes more noise than you think and you can top it off with a AcoustiTrunk Floor Mat and Insulation Kit. For truck owners, we have molded headliners and rear cab covers and coming soon will be our logo branded AcoustiTruck Bed Floor Cover for classic trucks.

AcoustiShield Thermal Acoustic Insulation Kits will reduce passenger cabin noise, vibration and heat and give you the same “Quiet Riding Comfort” you get from your luxury daily driver. Our two-stage acoustic products cover the entire interior of your car from the toe-boards to the taillights—Cowl—Floor—Roof—Doors—Trunk Floor and Body Panels (rear wheel wells, fenders, package tray and seat divider). We use Dynamat to stop body panel vibration and HeatShield to trap the sound and insulate the interior, reducing passenger cabin noise by 50 percent and cutting radiant and reflective heat by 25 degrees. Each kit is year-make-model specific—pre-cut and ready to install.

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The Firewall Insulator is your first defense against engine noise and heat. Your old factory firewall insulator was made with tarpaper or rubber and by now is turning to dust and falling apart. QuietRide molds each firewall to fit the engine/transmission setbacks to fit like a glove with our unique vacuum forming process. We use either an ABS Material or a High Definition Rubber mat material depending on the Year, Make, and Model of your vehicle. Each firewall is then digitally cut and stock holes are punch to OEM specification. We have more than 600 firewalls are available for antique, classic, custom and street rod cars and trucks. Each firewall insulator is year, make and model specific and comes with the insulation attached—ready to install. And yes, you can get them without holes for street rod and custom projects. Firewalls are listed in each of our catalogs.

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AcoustiHood Under Hood Cover and Insulation Kits provide an insulating barrier to protect the exterior hood paint and cover up the the mishmash of structural ribs and pockets and dings and dents typically found on the under side hood panels. Smooth Under Hood Covers are available for vehicle restorations. 3-D molded Under Hood Covers feature vehicle brand names and logos molded in raised letters and graphics. Under Hood Cover kits are year, make and model specific—pre-cut and ready to install with mounting hardware.

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Most cars have little or no insulation in the rear area of the vehicle which allows the noise, vibration and heat (NVH) from the trunk floor pan to enter the passenger cabin. Now you can stop the transfer of NVH and dress up the trunk area with one of Quiet Ride’s new AcoustiTrunk Floor Mat and Insulation Kits. Smooth Trunk Mat Covers are available for vehicle restorations. 3-D molded Trunk Mat Covers feature vehicle brand names and logos molded into the Ultra High Definition rubber floor mat material with raised letters and graphics. Trunk mat cover and insulation cover kits are year-make-model specific—pre-cut and ready to install.

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